Not known to be the tallest person except within my family although no one believes me -.-' I love sports and any gadget that has to do with my sport. I don't mind shopping and love FOOTBALL!!! I talk non-stop and repeat stories a lot of times so this blog is probably best to keep track of what I have and what I have no said yet lol!
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Push the green man

I’ve always been quite amazed with one of human natures most annoying and common habit. Some of you might not notice this but I have on numerous occassions. You know when you reach a set of traffic lights and you hit the button so that the green man appears to indicate that is safe to … Continue reading

Best feeling ever!

So on Sunday October 9 2011 (9-10-11) was the day I participated and completed my first Marathon. It was set in Melbourne and was known as the Bank of Melbourne, Melbourne Marathon! Leading up to the race I was carrying an injury to both my knees and was praying and hoping to just finish the … Continue reading

1 more sleep!!!

Ok so it’s one more sleep to the day I run my first MARATHON! I have to admit my preparation has taken a bit of a backward step as I have been slack the past month and I know it’s an excuse but I’ve just had so many friends visit that I couldnt train on … Continue reading

2 down 1 to go!

So I’ve done my second race in preparation for my first marathon and this time it was the Sandy Point Half Marathon…if you don’t know how far that is then let me tell you…21KM!!! lol Was a bit worried going into this race that I didn’t prep enough for it but it ended up being … Continue reading

First step to the big one

So on Sunday 17 July, I took my first step towards my first Marathon on October 9 2011, took part it the Run Melbourne 10km event and I did it in these bad boys! I was so excited to finally run in my Vibram Five Fingers in an official race so I thought what better … Continue reading

Purple and Yellow BERSIH!

Ok so I have a confession to make…I went against common sense and watched Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never movie on the recommendation of my friend Alex who is also not a fan but told me that I just had to watch it and then I’ll understand why. I openly admit that I don’t know … Continue reading

The Panda kicks Autobot ass!!!

Ok so over the past 2 weekends I went out to the movies to watch two of the most anticipated movies of the year so far. First was Kung Fu Panda 2 and if you have yet to watch the first one well, let me tell you one thing…YOU’RE MISSING OUT ON PURE AWESOMENESS!!! I … Continue reading

Why I run

A lot of people ask me why I run when I can just relax at home and watch tv. I used to participate in charity runs in Malaysia alot when I was still in high school, especially one called E-Run aka Environment Run. Actually writing this post has reminded me of that yearly charity run … Continue reading

Roll Call!!!

So this weekend I went to my first Roller Derby match with some of my colleagues. I’ll tell you this…it’s AMAZING!!! The atmosphere is fantastic from the live band to the go go dancers (pretty funny and old skool like), the funky team names and even better contestant names! I’ve watched a few games on … Continue reading

Challenge Life

I recently found a title of an article of all places on the Fitness First (aka Finance First) magazine very interesting…it was titled “Challenge Life” It brought me here to a new post and I’ve decided to challenge my life over the next few months. Now don’t get this confused with setting goals because I … Continue reading

Me and nothing more

If u were wondering...Yes I am vertically challenged :)

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