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Push the green man

I’ve always been quite amazed with one of human natures most annoying and common habit. Some of you might not notice this but I have on numerous occassions. You know when you reach a set of traffic lights and you hit the button so that the green man appears to indicate that is safe to … Continue reading

Best feeling ever!

So on Sunday October 9 2011 (9-10-11) was the day I participated and completed my first Marathon. It was set in Melbourne and was known as the Bank of Melbourne, Melbourne Marathon! Leading up to the race I was carrying an injury to both my knees and was praying and hoping to just finish the … Continue reading

1 more sleep!!!

Ok so it’s one more sleep to the day I run my first MARATHON! I have to admit my preparation has taken a bit of a backward step as I have been slack the past month and I know it’s an excuse but I’ve just had so many friends visit that I couldnt train on … Continue reading

Me and nothing more

If u were wondering...Yes I am vertically challenged :)

The Best Short Stuffs