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Purple and Yellow BERSIH!

Ok so I have a confession to make…I went against common sense and watched Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never movie on the recommendation of my friend Alex who is also not a fan but told me that I just had to watch it and then I’ll understand why.

Is this the end?

I openly admit that I don’t know what the big fuss is all about with Bieber Fever. He’s just a kid who is probably going to disappear into the wilderness of fame once he cracks his voice aka Aaron “Where is he now” Carter.

After watching the show for some reason I kinda felt compelled to like this kid and how far he has gone in his life to get where he is now even though he’s only like 16 years old. I understood why all these girls (from 8-50 years old) were balling their eyes out whenever they saw him. It’s freaking pandemonium esp when you see an 8 year old just crying like some lunatic groupie. However after thinking about it, I was more amazed at another not so transparent fact of the movie…it was Branding at its best!!! From the purple clothes, to the purple Yankees Hat and who could not notice, THAT HAIR!!!

That HAIR!

Purple much?

If you have watched it or will be watching it soon, think about this, in the whole show you hardly hear the boy talk to the camera, it was everyone else around him that was being interviewed, and the director knew how to market this “brand” and did it oh so well. From the likes of his manager, to bodyguard, singing coach and of course the “right” fans. It’s amazing how social media also helps push the Bieber Brand globally and is ironic how I am doing it now too!

Well yesterday in KL, Malaysia if any of you didn’t know this, a peaceful rally was held to bring light the corruption in the country especially when it comes to the National Election. This was the 2nd time a rally like this has been organised and was fittingly called Bersih 2.0 after the original Bersih rally in 2007.

It is ironic how our Malaysian Prime Minister Najib talks about his 1Malaysia campaign so much and how it should bring the people together but a rally like Bersih which actually is against his posse is the one thing that REALLY DOES BRING MALAYSIANS TOGETHER! How can he say the rallies are riots when the people participating did nothing but walk the streets of KL in a united front and instead the police were the ones shooting tear gas, chemical water filled cannons and beating people up. It’s sad that the country and the WORLD needed to see this but at the same time I hope it does bring about a change in our supposedly “democratic” country.

Supporters voicing out in front of KLCC

The peaceful Bersih rally

Bad boys bad boys, watcha gonna do, watcha gonna do when they come for you?!

Even our own Information Minister couldn’t handle an interview with poise and was so brutal in verbally attacking the media http://www.metacafe.com/watch/976944/aljazeera_interview_malaysia_mis_information_minister/

This video (below) to me says it all! Especially the guy in what I believe is the Pudu Bus Station car park using a water hose to help wash the faces of supporters affected by the tear gas. My auntie was also hit by tear gas and she said “boy does it hurt” but she pushed on and is all ok.


All in all well done my fellow Malaysians who decided to voice their concerns and I hope this brings about good change for our country! Bersih was not only felt in Malaysia but was also publicly supported in places like Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, UK and Australia. I know it’s not going to happen overnight, but every step no matter how small is always going to make a difference…HIDUP RAKYAT! HIDUP BERSIH!


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