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The Panda kicks Autobot ass!!!

Ok so over the past 2 weekends I went out to the movies to watch two of the most anticipated movies of the year so far. First was Kung Fu Panda 2 and if you have yet to watch the first one well, let me tell you one thing…YOU’RE MISSING OUT ON PURE AWESOMENESS!!!

The soft and cuddly ones are back!

Awesome new villain

I have to admit I was a bit worried coz the first movie was spectacular and you know sequels of a great movie are normally crap and just riding on the wave of popularity from the first one. However, Jack Black and co have outdone themselves for this one! I guess to quote that fatty Panda “PO”…it was PURE AWESOMENESS!!! It was so colourful, even funnier than the first, was amazing in 3D (I’m not kidding, watching it in 2D wouldn’t be the same) and best of all….the story line was FANTASTIC! The villain (Lord Shen) in the picture above was a wonderful addition as you couldn’t pic a more beautiful animal than the peacock!

Short Stuffs Meter:

Total awesomeness 😆

Worth watching 🙂

Ok ok only lah 😕

What a waste of money 😦

My grandma could make a better movie! 😯

FINAL RATING 😆 I highly recommend it and is good for all ages!

Last night however I went to watch a movie I have been anticipating for all year. Let’s face it, almost every boy had a Transformers toy back in the 80-90s. It was like a birth right! Well when the first Transformers movie by Michael Bay came out I was very very impressed and totally loved the way it was made, from the design of the Autobots/Decepticons, to Shia LaBeouf’s weird and wacky individuality and who could forget that oh so sexy Megan FOX! *hubba hubba*

In case you needed a reminder who Megan Fox is 🙂


Good ol' Bumblebee

The 2nd movie was a bit of a disaster to me though, they tried to up the ante with more action scenes and trying for too much humour while sacrificing the story line. The action scenes were good dun get me wrong but the humour was appalling! So when the trailer for the third movie was screened I was expecting it to be EPIC! Well truth be told, they had me going for 3/4 of the movie but I was utterly disappointed with the ending or lack of a climax scene! The last 1/4 of the movie was such an anti climax to me it left me with a broken heart but then again the rest of the movie still kicked the 2nd one’s ASS!!!

The plus was the autobots did have some cooler characters this time and I love the addition of Shockwave, Soundwave and what looked like Laserbeak. Shia Lebouf and gang still kept it pretty damn funny though. Finally,  I have to admit that Megan Fox’s replacement was even more of a hottie and DAAYYUUUMMMMM!!!!!!!!!! SHE FINE! (helps that she is a Victoria’s Secret model, can’t act for $hits but who cares!) Check her out!

*WARNING* Image might cause severe staring

Short Stuffs Meter

Total awesomeness 😆

Worth watching 🙂

Ok ok only lah 😕

What a waste of money 😦

My grandma could make a better movie! 😯

FINAL RATING 🙂 The only let down was the anti climatic ending but still a must see for all Transformers fans


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