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First step to the big one

So on Sunday 17 July, I took my first step towards my first Marathon on October 9 2011, took part it the Run Melbourne 10km event and I did it in these bad boys! I was so excited to finally run in my Vibram Five Fingers in an official race so I thought what better … Continue reading

Purple and Yellow BERSIH!

Ok so I have a confession to make…I went against common sense and watched Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never movie on the recommendation of my friend Alex who is also not a fan but told me that I just had to watch it and then I’ll understand why. I openly admit that I don’t know … Continue reading

The Panda kicks Autobot ass!!!

Ok so over the past 2 weekends I went out to the movies to watch two of the most anticipated movies of the year so far. First was Kung Fu Panda 2 and if you have yet to watch the first one well, let me tell you one thing…YOU’RE MISSING OUT ON PURE AWESOMENESS!!! I … Continue reading

Me and nothing more

If u were wondering...Yes I am vertically challenged :)

The Best Short Stuffs