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Why I run

A lot of people ask me why I run when I can just relax at home and watch tv. I used to participate in charity runs in Malaysia alot when I was still in high school, especially one called E-Run aka Environment Run. Actually writing this post has reminded me of that yearly charity run back home, it was my first foray into long distance racing although I think it was only an 8km run that time. HEY! I was young and inexperience ok so don’t expect me to start running 10-21kms then!

Well ever since I got to Melbourne I haven’t been doing much running but on 31st August 2008, my good friend/housemate Azlan, Cindy and Cynthia decided to participate in the Nike Human Race. Ever since then I had the RUNNING BUG!!! The date is such a coincidence coz it’s on Malaysia’s Independence Day so you could you say I found FREEDOM IN MY FEET! Following that race, I did a few more for example Run for the Kids and Run Melbourne.

For some reason I cut down on running races after that. Don’t ask me why but then I got it again after my friend Damon and I found out about Vibram Five Fingers! If you have a look at one of my previous posts I wrote something about running in them for my races this year. I guess I took my time transitioning into them as they change the way you run.

Anyway, enough talk of my VFFs (I can go on and on about em, if given the chance), this year I’ve decided it’s time for me to get back into it because for some reason something put that Running Bug into my system and I can’t stop looking for races to run.

I guess one of the main reasons I run is for the pure ecstasy you get on race day as well as whenever you complete a run. In fact I read this somewhere today:

“Using high-tech brain imaging scans, the neuroscientists took images of 10 runners’ brains before and after a two-hour run. What they found: Endorphins flooded the brain during exercise and gathered around areas of the brain responsible for feel-good moods and emotion–hence the blissful high.”

It kinda explains why I am so happy and hyper after a big run even though I may be physically tired and exhausted. A lot of people think it is just too painful and hard to run but if you think about it, we as humans, one of God’s most amazing creations have been running since FOREVER!!! Humans are the best distance runners and certain tribes have been known to track prey for HUUUGGGEEEE distances until the prey is tired and then only will the hunters go for the kill. It’s truly amazing! Just google it and you will be amazed! The only problem is that we have been so pampered with technology and easy comforts that we forget the joy of going outdoors for a run!

I ran in the rain not long ago and I have to admit that it was SO MUCH FUN! I felt like a kid again running in the rain. Of course I’m not asking you to go out and wait for a torrential downpour and lightning then start running, now that is just PLAIN STUPID!

Running must be great fun too because why would thousands of people then sign up for races around the world. Before I forget my cousin, his bro-in-law and a friend are running an ultra-marathon for charity. What is an ultra-marathon you ask? Well it’s a marathon filled with people dressed in Ultraman outfits (sorry I just had to imagine that LOL), but it is actually a 100km marathon! NUTS!!! Races are normally run for charity as well so if you can go pledge to their run.


You also get to meet a lot of new people when running as I have found out recently. You see, I normally hate training for a run but I told myself that I need to be more focused especially if I wanna ready myself for the Marathon this year. So when I signed up for the Run Melbourne 10km event this year I told myself that I will try and make it to the free training sessions every week and so far I’ve done 3 session and I have to admit it’s so much fun and I have never looked forward to training for a run so much before.

You get to meet so many interesting people and start new friendships so don’t even think about shying away from a training group session next time you sign up for a run because there are so many happy, endorphin-fused runners out there willing to have a chat or two!

I’ve attached some pics of the Races I have participated in over the past few years in Melbourne. I have to say, looking back at em brings back a lot of fond memories with friends and it reminds me so much of what to expect this year that everyday I can’t contain my enthusiasm for the races I have and will be signing up for this year!

If you want to you can donate to my run as well (it’s no Ultra-Marathon but hey, it’s for charity)


Run you say?

Run for the Kids 2009

Tired much?

All the running makes food tastes OH SO GUUUUUUDDDDDD!

Special stretches to cool down after a run

3 idiots awake at 6am before the start of the Half Marathon

3 idiots after completing the Half Marathon

Good job everybody! Run Melbourne 2009

Must be the endorphins kicking in

RAWR! So hungry we could eat our medals!

All smiles BABY!


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Not known to be the tallest person except within my family although no one believes me -.-' I love sports and any gadget that has to do with my sport. I don't mind shopping and love FOOTBALL!!! I talk non-stop and repeat stories a lot of times so this blog is probably best to keep track of what I have and what I have no said yet lol!


One thought on “Why I run

  1. Good stuff there! Seems like you really take part in A LOT of runs aye! Anw, for me, im pretty new to the running scene as compared to my partner-in-crime. Has been more of a fitness and workout buff and very short distance running-kind.

    Still learning the ropes and skills of running better and shredding this bod into almost-perfection state. One pec at a time. 😛

    Strong core, stronger run buddy! Take care!

    Posted by whywerunn | July 5, 2011, 11:43 am

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