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Roll Call!!!

So this weekend I went to my first Roller Derby match with some of my colleagues. I’ll tell you this…it’s AMAZING!!! The atmosphere is fantastic from the live band to the go go dancers (pretty funny and old skool like), the funky team names and even better contestant names!

I’ve watched a few games on TV back when I was in Malaysia and I have to admit I always enjoyed it. So going tonight was going to be like a refresher on the rules and I have to admit my colleagues weren’t wrong when they said it was the best Sporting Event ever! LOL! It was so entertaining and the crowd was great, you had to be there to experience it.

I know a lot of you must be thinking what is Roller Derby? Well in Victoria it’s an All Girls league and before you start making assumptions, NO I did not go there to see chicks in skimpy outfits. Yes some of their outfits were skimpy but not a single one of them were good looking. They were the type of rocker, tattoo covered, sometimes goth kinda chicks…Some were really big and burly and some lanky and fast!

There are 3 types of players on each team.

1 Jammer – The only player who can score points
1 Pivot – She is normally the last line of defence as well as the pacemaker of her team of blockers
3 Blockers – The name says it all, the block the Jammers from passing them

So the basics of it is this

When the game starts (which is on a oval rink) the 3 blockers and 1 Pivot from both teams start skating around the rink. Then about 2-3 seconds later the Jammers from both teams who start behind the pack start skating too. The first thing to do is both Jammers need to break through the pack in order to be called the “Lead Jammer” of the round and will have to power to call off a round before the clock runs out. One a jammer passes the group, she then needs to lap the group and catch up again from behind them. When she eventually catches up she needs to go through the pack again and every opposition player she laps she gets a point. This goes on until either the Lead Jammer calles off the game by “V”ing her hips/groin (u know like that dirty gesture they do in Wrestling?) or until the 2 minutes for that round is over and they do it all over again. Might sound a bit boring but trust me there is a lot of strategy and speed invovled, as well as a lot of shoulder barges which sometimes takes a player out of the rink completely and into the crowd who decide to sit just along the rink or also known as the “Suicide Lane”.

There are a lot more things to go through but you have to be there to get what I mean, all I have covered is just the basic rules! Check it out if you can and I’ve also posted some pics below. The 1st game of the night (Toxic Avengers vs Bloody Marys) started well but ended up as a belting for the losing team because the winning (Toxic) team had their star player blitzing the rest and her name was Kittie von Krusher!

The 2nd game of the night was between Dolls Au-Go-Go vs Dead Ringer Rosies (I told you they have great names!). The lead can change anytime and it was a SPECTACULER MATCH! Rosies started off so well and were leading 18-0 but then the Dolls got back into the game in the last 10 minutes and ripped the Rosies apart and went into half time leading by 44 points! In the 2nd half the Dolls played great defence and attack but in the last 15 minutes the Rosies came out of nowhere and came so close to winning the game in the last minute. The crowd was going nuts and it was a nail biting finish. In the last 30 seconds the Rosies brought it back to 1 point but the Dolls defended like their lives depended on it and lasted the last few seconds of the onslaught! What an experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It all happens in there!!!

Weird but funny costumes being sold at the stalls

Geelong Bloody Marys

New bottle design...I LIKE!!!

First game about to start Toxic Avengers vs Bloody Marys

First game and they're OFF!!!

Dead Ringer Rosies

Dolls Au-Go-Go

Dead Ringer Rosies

Dolls Au-Go-Go

Program guide

Great time with my colleagues

It's all over Dolls 87 - Rosies 86!


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