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Challenge Life

I recently found a title of an article of all places on the Fitness First (aka Finance First) magazine very interesting…it was titled “Challenge Life”

It brought me here to a new post and I’ve decided to challenge my life over the next few months. Now don’t get this confused with setting goals because I feel that setting goals typically mean you just aim for that one spot and stop. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the difference is to continuously challenge yourself in life and not stop once you reach a certain goal

Here is my list to Challenge Life!!!

1. Be an outstanding person in the workforce – my company is filled with geniuses and can be quite daunting esp for me because I can honestly say I am quite new to the area I am in at the moment. So I have to challenge myself to work smart and keep myself in the know about the products we sell and how best to excel in area of work

2. Run run run – I have to get back into shape with my running esp if I want to embark on my first Marathon this October! 2 years ago I had that running habit but it slowly died down and I’m going to do my best to challenge myself to run a few times a week

3. Hit the gym – I have to admit I have been a bit slack of late when it comes to my weight workout and have developed a bit of a flabby tummy and lost some of the little muscle I once had. Well only one way to get it back! This time though I’m going to make sure I keep the weights goin upwards instead of using the same weight over and over again because, HEY what’s the point if I don’t lift anything heavier after a month or so am I rit

4. Family – keeping in touch with family more often was one of those goals I set myself too at the beginning of the year but have kinda lost my way a bit. I need to talk to my parents more, my sisters and my two lil nieces mores even though they are all the way in the US

5 Save save SAVE – been cutting down on my spending lately and have been quite proud of myself, normally getting only the things I need…after all I do need to save up for my own place instead of always renting which is basically bad debt!

I’ll leave it there for now until I know I can start challenging myself on more fronts but till then…….



About shortie84

Not known to be the tallest person except within my family although no one believes me -.-' I love sports and any gadget that has to do with my sport. I don't mind shopping and love FOOTBALL!!! I talk non-stop and repeat stories a lot of times so this blog is probably best to keep track of what I have and what I have no said yet lol!


One thought on “Challenge Life

  1. Wow!!!!! Very interesting and I am proud of you taking such steps in life and May you achieve what you set for.Love you. Mum/dad

    Posted by mum | May 29, 2011, 11:21 pm

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