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Easter Feaster

Hope u all had a very eventful Easter because I had!

The usual suspects and I all headed down to Tassie for a final trip as a group because two will be leaving back for Malaysia next month *tear*

SO as a final farewell we decided to head to Tassie for one last trip together for awhile and it was amazing. You might have seen from one of my earlier post that some of our luggages got stranded at Melbourne when we arrived in Tassie

Where is me luggage?

but it all ended well – I finally had clean underwear after spending a night without my luggage.

The trip itinerary consisted of Cradle Mt, Swansea (Freycinet), Hobart and Launceston. It’s amazing what kind of amazing little things you see away from home and some things you never even knew existed. I remember during one of our guided trips to a trek at Cradle Mt, the shuttle driver was showing us Ranger houses and how they live in the park for a few months in a year with their family to protect their family.

Damon and I thought to ourselves and we both agreed that we would be able to do that for a few months and sounds like such an amazing idea. Have any of you ever considered it? Look at these shots of what environment you might be living in:

The bois!


Le girls!



Autumn colours


Where will it lead to?


A close up



And guess what? On one of our treks Azlan and I made a new friend

Our friend Bennett

The Glow Worm cave close to Mole Creek was amazing and you just had to be there to witness it with your own eyes. At the end of that tour our Cave Guide Gail even secretly brought only us 12 only a private tour around the cave again to see the glow worms up close as well as an 8 legged friend…WAS BREATHE-TAKING!!!

Crystal mineral things which take hundreds of years to form




Our guide Gail showing us an amazing stalagmite formation

We did a very Aussie thing at Swansea…BONFIRE!!!

Huddle together everybody!

Last but not least the food was amazing

Grilled Trevalla


Eye Fillet with Blue Cheese


Even the Seafood box at the local Fish and Chips was AMAZING!


Twice Cooked Pork Belly


Ocean Trout with caramelised shallots and wasabi mayo

All in all a great trip with great company!


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One thought on “Easter Feaster

  1. You need bigger pictures!! XD looking forward to more posts

    Posted by Rachel Yeng | May 3, 2011, 1:57 pm

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