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Mr Wombat

Well currently in Tasmania for the Easter long weekend with the usual suspects – if u dun know then let me introduce u to:

1. Azlan – the malay/joker
2. Damon – mr incredile
3. Kenneth – malaysia’s own lee ming ho (korean leng chai according to the ladies)
4. Alex – mr angry
5. George – mr handsome
6. Jan – lil ms Top I Love U (korean singer with amazingly defined eyebrows)
7. Jean – the ever so happening girl
8. Michelle – I love korean superstars and I married an almost real life one (Kenneth)
9. Jue – the alpha/oracle
10. Cindy – the accountant
11. Candice – my sweetie

Well the trip got on to a great start (sense the sarcasm) even before we took off because while we were waiting in the plane the head stewardess informed everyone that some baggages didnt make it on the plane coz of some issue with the baggage loader thinga-ma-jig.

So their solution is to send over the luggages in the next available flight which was on the same day and would get delivered to wherever we r. Guess what, we were actually bout 3 hours away from Launceston airport. So everyone was hoping for their luggage to arrive in the evening at Cradle Mountain and I was so hopefully that it would arrive although it didnt sound it would until the next day or the day after.

Lo and behold that night we stopped by reception and found the luggages there. I was so excited and delusional, shouting at d girls in the car “they are HERE!!!” that i totally didnt look at all d luggages until 2 mins later when Candice realised that mine wasnt in the lot at the reception.

Talk about a total FML situation!!! I went on a manhunt around the mountain to find the baggage guy to see if he accidentally forgot mine but cudnt find him in the darkness. Here’s where I get to the main point.

While on my amazing search, I bumped into two of the most amazing sights that eased my frustration at the whoe baggage PROBLEM. The first thing I saw was a HUUUUUGGGGGEEEE ASSSSSS Wombat casually walking in the night drizzle while I drove past him. It brought a smile to my face to just see it enjoying it’s stroll without a care in the world.

Then a few minutes after I saw another wombat wit what I think is a Tasmanian Cat which looks more like a mouse. It’s amazing how nature’s own can change a person’s emotions or react in such a positive way just by doin what might seem like a normal activity..

I know some of u might not understand how I feel, but let’s just say that I brought to my attention how the smallest (well not so small since it was huge) of things can affect someone so positively when all feels lost.

It’s d following day and even though i’m in the same pair of undies (im clean ok!) I can still say i’m enjoying myself here in lovely Cradle Mountain with all its natural wonders and I don’t see why everyone else cant be positive and look at your surroundings to find the wonders of the world when things arent going as planned. You never know u might find ur own “Mr Wombat” to cheer u up 🙂

P.S. Now fingers crossed I get my luggage today so I can get into a pair of clean undies to run around and find more Mr Wombats or maybe a nice family of Tassie Devils


Update: It’s been 5 hours and YAY!!! my luggage has finally arrived. Time for some clean underwear!


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