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Run Forest RUN!!!

So I’ve decided to take on the Melbourne Marathon this year. I was meant to do it last year but procrastinated till no end and eventually did not register for it as I felt I wasn’t ready.

This year however, I am going to make that commitment since I haven’t ran in my Vibram Five Fingers in any officially organised run. Vibram &^*#^%#*% what you say?

Check out the pics below

Gorilla Feet much?

A close up

Talk about trying not to stand out!

So yes I know a lot of you must be thinking…”ARE U FRIGGIN CWWAAYYYYZZZZIIIIEEE???!!!”

Maybe I am, but I have been running in them for almost a year now and I think I have transitioned into them well already.

Here is the plan so far

  • Mother’s Day Classic 8km – 8 May
  • Run Melbourne 10km – 17 July (done the half marathon before but found it boring coz u have to run 2 laps of the same course…zzzzzz)
  • and finally The MELBOURNE MARATHON 42km – Hopefully I make it lol

but with the races I might instead rely on another pair of VFFs I’ve got.

They are called the Vibram Bikilas…what’s the diff you say? Well they are more “running” specific esp on asphalt ๐Ÿ™‚

Here have a look ๐Ÿ™‚

Yes I have sexy tights to go with it as well


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Not known to be the tallest person except within my family although no one believes me -.-' I love sports and any gadget that has to do with my sport. I don't mind shopping and love FOOTBALL!!! I talk non-stop and repeat stories a lot of times so this blog is probably best to keep track of what I have and what I have no said yet lol!


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