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Easter Feaster

Hope u all had a very eventful Easter because I had! The usual suspects and I all headed down to Tassie for a final trip as a group because two will be leaving back for Malaysia next month *tear* SO as a final farewell we decided to head to Tassie for one last trip together … Continue reading

Back to basics

My preparation for the Melbourne Marathon has begun! Finally got into my VFF Bikilas (funky toe shoes) for a distance run, instead of the usual HIIT training I’ve been doin the previous weeks… Straight away after the first 4km I could feel my feet telling me it’s been awhile. Both my calves were starting to … Continue reading

Mr Wombat

Well currently in Tasmania for the Easter long weekend with the usual suspects – if u dun know then let me introduce u to: 1. Azlan – the malay/joker 2. Damon – mr incredile 3. Kenneth – malaysia’s own lee ming ho (korean leng chai according to the ladies) 4. Alex – mr angry 5. … Continue reading

Run Forest RUN!!!

So I’ve decided to take on the Melbourne Marathon this year. I was meant to do it last year but procrastinated till no end and eventually did not register for it as I felt I wasn’t ready. This year however, I am going to make that commitment since I haven’t ran in my Vibram Five … Continue reading


Ok not long ago one of my lady friends mentioned that there are no guys who enjoy musicals. How much of this is true I wonder? I personally enjoy musicals and don’t see the big deal with guys watching em, so I wonder why girls generally think that there are no guys who enjoy the … Continue reading

Sweetie can you please hold my bag

My girlfriend recently pointed out to me that her male colleagues all agree that no self respecting man should at any time help his gf carry her hand bag? I admit that I am one of those guys who occasionally helps my gf out whenever she gets tired of carrying her handbag. I actually don’t … Continue reading

First and foremost…an Introduction

First post on theshortstuffs wordpress and I have to say this is going to be exciting and hopefully I don’t get too sidetracked with other stuff and ignore this blog. I guess what will happen is that this blog will pretty much sum up any interesting facts, stories, personal experience and a bunch of other … Continue reading

Me and nothing more

If u were wondering...Yes I am vertically challenged :)

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